First Sensory Cut

Welcome, I’m excited to be your stylist. I am JoJo. Step one)To better acquaint me with the family. I have included a Google form. This will help me to get to know my client better. When the Google form is received then begins our next step. Step 2) I will send a short video of myself at the salon to better acquaint my client with me. We have hopefully met in person or on the zoom call at this pt. Step 3) We arrive at the salon suites. You will come back to rm #30. We will do a mini meet and greet again. Step 4) I will begin to spend time and allow to get comfortable not only with me but with what we will be doing that day. Step 5)We will then begin to show all of the tools and explain what is going to happen next. Step 6) From there we begin the haircut and try our best to complete it (I want to note that it is a process). We do HUGS no holds. If the client shows that they are uncomfortable service stops we regroup and then can slowly start again. Thank you for trusting me. I look forward to an amazing service with an even more amazing outcome.

45 Minutes | $40

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