Hi, I'm Jojo.

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I moved 14 years ago to Chandler, AZ from Las Vegas, NV. I live with my two daughters; one of which is attending college this year, and the other is just starting preschool... needless to say, my days are interesting. 

"I was truly taken aback to realize that status quo is to seat belt them in and get it done!!!"

I have been a cosmetologist for 13 years but for the past 3 years I have been focusing on helping kids and families with special needs. I was working in a kids only shop that offered special needs appointments, and I was truly taken aback to see for myself that parents, caregivers, and loved ones were all ok with a "seat belt them in and get it done" mentality. There were many times that I remember being so challenging that I would end up crying along with the client and their whole family plus any respite care workers they had with them.

When COVID-19 lockdowns began I decided to further educate myself on children and individuals with special needs, autism, and other disabilities. I learned that the patience, compassion, and freedom I expected for clients in challenging situations like mine were necessary skills that people were seeking, so I decided to provide a safe space for special needs families in my own salon.


The Puzzle Piece was born! The name came to me because I view hair as the last piece to your appearance puzzle, along with the puzzle piece being so widely known in the autism community.

Since I began this journey I have become a sponge for information to make my clients lives easier. I am now incorporating in some different therapies that have been around for a long time! So, the next time you come and you see me jump on the floor with your kiddo, that is all part of it. 


In a short time I have seen tremendous improvements from children I did not know if we would ever finish a haircut. Now we are laughing and doing it together! 

The big secret is I HATE haircuts!!!

I don't like the cape, and certainly not the Sanek© strip on my neck. Then begins all the questions and I really almost shut down. I will close my eyes and look at the ground until I'm asked to respond or I have a question. Luckily I have friends that are like me and accept everyone for where they are at!!

Because I work with special needs kids and because I needed an adult to advocate for me, I'm a mandatory reporter and I want to point out that I am an all inclusive salon.


Mom of the Month 

Every month I get to partner with other small businesses to recognize a special needs mom and let her know that her hard work is not going unnoticed. I, myself, provide a mommy makeover which includes a haircut, deep conditioning treatment and blow-dry style.


Plenty of other small businesses donate gift cards, certificates, as well as other free items. My main goal through this promotion is to pay tribute to special needs moms because often their work goes unseen and under-appreciated.