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  1. a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.​

  2. the easing or alleviation of a person's feelings of grief or distress.

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  1. the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury.

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  1. the action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure.

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Our son has NEVER had a positive experience at a hair salon and this was his absolute first. Honestly, I (his mom) was more anxious than he was. All my son has ever needed in a hair cutting experience was a little time, and the typical kiddo cut salons are all about being quick. We will never go anywhere else, and we drive an hour to get here. A positive experience for our son is what matters most. Thank you so much JoJo, for a completely different reality for our son.

— Mackenzie Fawcett

JoJo is a miracle worker, and I will sing her praises to anyone that will listen! Cutting hair on toddlers, let alone special needs toddlers, is no small task, and she does it so well. She leaves LOTS of time in the appointment so no one feels rushed, your kiddo can get comfortable, and parents/caretakers can relax. The haircuts themselves are fantastic, but having a safe place like this, for both my son and for me, is an absolute game changer. THANK YOU!! :)

— Sarah Connoly

My 4yo autistic son had never had a haircut properly before. Jojo was absolutely amazing! She totally understands the neurodiverse needs of her clients. From the major things like a quiet private salon space, Tv to put whatever they want on, and a whole drawer full of sensory toys. Down to the little things like spraying water on her hand instead of directly on his hair, doing just a few snips at a time, and truly understanding those very specific sensory challenges involved in a special needs haircut. We will be back again and again! Thank you Jojo!

— Stephanie Carter

If I could give Jojo all the stars from the night sky I would! My 5 year old son HATES hair cuts. In the past they have caused him an extreme amount of anxiety, fear, and consistently ended in meltdowns. His hair was long, thick, wavy, and hadn’t been cut for a year prior to our appointment. Jojo effortlessly established a rapport with him on his first visit. She’s an extremely talented stylist, but also clearly has a gift working with special needs kiddos. She made him feel safe, comfortable, and he actually had, “The Best Time Ever!”  Before I could finish buckling him in the car he asked, “When can I come back to see Jojo again?

— Tara Havens

I have two teens with autism who have very different needs. JoJo was was patient, kind and experienced at meeting them each where they are to be able to perform the tricky task of cutting curly hair and using clippers and scissors on an often moving target. She spent so much time with us making the kids feel comfortable, I’d recommend her to anyone. The kids look fantastic, too!

— Michelle Lopez 

This was the best haircut experience we have ever had. Haircuts have always been do stressful for both me and Xander. For the first time there were no tears. Xander was singing and smiling . The haircut looks amazing and I am one happy Mama! We will definitely be back!

— Heather Flint 

Mom of the Month 

Every month I get to partner with other small businesses to recognize a special needs mom and let her know that her hard work is not going unnoticed. I, myself, provide a mommy makeover which includes a haircut, deep conditioning treatment and blow-dry style.


 My main goal through this promotion is to pay tribute to special needs moms because often their work goes unseen and under-appreciated.